room setup options

I'm moving into a new house soon and I wanted to get some opinions on how I could setup my speakers in the living room. The main floor is mainly open between living room, kitchen and dinette (there is a half-wall from the kitchen into the living room). Also, half the room has a vaulted ceiling. Here are two possible options I drew up (mainly based on George Cardas' advice).

Option 1

Option 2
Option 1 will probably sound the best. Of course I don't know you system, ie speaker size etc. I think you need to be close to one of the corners or you could loose a lot of impact with the vaulted ceiling and open floor plan. Not having a drafting background I was having a hard time determining where all the walls were in your drawing. Is this an L shaped room?
Thanks for the response Carey, and sorry for the confusing drawings. I dont have any drafting background either, I just quickly did those diagrams just more of a reference for the size of the room for myself. You're right it is an L shaped room... the living room is the main rectangular room, and off to the right is the dinnette and kitchen.

I should have included my speakers in my original post, they're Dynaudio C1 bookshelfs.
Personally I would think option 1 would sound the best but what the heck if it's not too much trouble try both ways. Lets your ears be the judge. Btw great speakers but I would not consider them as bookshelfs rather monitors.
Thanks guys... I'll try both options out, I just wanted to get an idea of what to start off with based on the experience of others.

Xti16... you're right they're not bookshelfs and it did sound weird when I typed it out, but I couldn't think of another word to use at the time.