Room dimensions: which Paradigm should I get?

I'm building my first "real" system, gearing towards home theeater. I'm on a small budget, and for a while I'm going to use mixmatched speakers for surrounds, and I've bought an Outlaw pre and an Outlaw amp. All I have left to buy are two fronts, and I want towers. I was going to hold out for used Infinity Kappa's, simply because I always wanted them. But now I'm getting anxious since I have purchased all the other pieces.

I've decided to get a pair of Paradigm Reference Studio v3's. Now I need to decide on getting the 100's, or would the 60's be plenty?

Here are my room dimensions:

20' x 17' x (vaulted 8.5' to 12.5')

Adding to the cubic volume of this room there is a dining room, open and offset at the left rear measuring 20'x12'x8'. There is one door to a hall, a double wide opening into the kitchen, and another double wide opening into the game room.

Here is my (partially pieced together) system:

Outlaw Audio 950 Pre/Pro
Outlaw Audio 770, 200Wpc, 7 channels
Fronts: Not yet decided
Surrounds: Celestion Impact 30, 4 ohm, max 150W
2nd Surrounds: Celestion "Little 1", 8 ohm, 10-50W
Center: MB Quart Center, 6 ohm, 125W
Sub: Velodyne self powered 10"

Again, my question here is whether to get the Paradigm Studio 100 v3 or Studio 60 v3.

Thanks, Greg

P.S. Oh yeah! I hear that some local chains sell Paradigms? Which ones? I'm in the Dallas TX area.
i went and listened to the studio 100v3 today they had a nice sound but a little too laid back. i also heard the sigature s8 a great sounding speaker but $5400 a pair.
check this speaker out at:
they retail for $2900 a pair but you can get a great deal at the distributor at .

Do you listen to a lot of music? Do you like to "rock the house" on a regular basis? If so, neither the Paradigm's or the Infinity Kappa's will be happy with your amp or the room dimensions or acoustics. That is, unless you listen in surround sound, taking advantage of the multiple drivers and shared acoustic output. Both of these are "hungry" speakers, the Kappa's more-so than the Paradigm's. Sean
Get the 100's, Youll be glad you did, much better bass response. I dont know what Sean's talking about, my room isnt much bigger than yours and I have huge speakers. In fact, when I owned the 100's they were in a smaller room than yours and they rocked.
Cmpromo said "when I owned the 100's they were in a smaller room than yours and they rocked."

Your comment here somewhat supports what i was getting at. That is, the 100's will work better in a smaller room. In effect, Greg not only has a good sized room to pressurize, he's got large openings feeding into other rooms. Given the Paradigmn's thirst for power and the total acoustic space involved here, he may end up working both the speakers and amp relatively hard on a regular basis if he listens in 2 channel mode and likes to crank it up.

Personally, i would look for speakers that offered more surface area, higher sensitivity and a different radiation pattern. Then again, only Greg knows what he wants or expects out of his system with his listening environment. I'm just throwing out considerations that he might want to take into account BEFORE dropping his hard earned cash. Sean
This is exactly what I've been harping about! It never stops amazing me how people can buy otherwise good PIECES of gear, and have it ALL WRONG!!!! Mixing and matching speakers ia a surefire(garnateed mind you) reciepe for mediocre to poor over all sound at best! YOu will not have a believable coherent timber mathed soundfield. YOu will not have even response and tonality from all of your speakers, and so you can expect marginal results at best! Not to rain on your parade. But that's what it is. Infact, every major audio mag will write (from experienced audio/video people mind you) that you must use all the same speakers if you expect good sound or better! Your ear is VERY SENSITIVE to tonal changes. So, when sounds shift from one side to the other, you will indeed be aware of the differnce...TOTALLY PULLING YOU OUT OF THE MOVIE! (or music)...making you consciously aware that you are listening to a bunch of speakers/gear. I don't understand this.
Most people would be better off using just two matched speakers and a sub rather than using multiple mismatched speakers, which are the main sound of the system (equipment wise)! INfact, you'd have better sound either using all matching cheeper speakers overall, and/or just a simple receiver to drive them!!!!(and yes, separates, ultimlatey is the way to go to maximize your sound for sure)
It appears to me like you also were more interested in buying the amp/pre before finalizing your speakrs. REally, getting the speakers all correct should be first...then add the gear. And Outlaw is good budget gear, no doubt!
Still, I'm reading what you are doing, and shaking my head.(yes, my issue!). Still, IT's all good, and to each his own.
I would like to see you get a better audio/visual experience than youre likely heading for. MORE IS NOT BETTER!...BETTER IS BETTER! Infact, often less is better!..or quality "LESS" is better, not "More LESSER QUALITY!!!!".
I've probably done several hundred plus systems over the last 15 years, and have done my share for sure. I've sold the most expensive gear all the way to the cheapest gear, and in between. And what I've learned is that great performing audio/video isn't about pieces, it's about THE WHOLE!...and how well that whole is integrated and executed AS A TEAM!!! any team effort. It's the team, and making that team work together. What you're doing won't get you there, if that's important to you. And it sounds like youre' trying to get great reslts, otherwise you wouldn't be spending on more expensive stuff.
Anyway, there's been soooooooo much writen and re-writen on how to do this stuff right! I don't understand wanting to "re-invent the wheel", only to end up with less than great results.
I'd much rather see you stay with the Celestions all around than try to mix-match. OTherwise, sell em all off and get a MATCHED SYSTEM!
Hummmmmm...I wonder is you wrote this similar question into the editors of some of the Stereo/HT mag's, what they'd say. I bet they'd comment or recommend similar path's for you. Anyway, good luck.
BTW, I've sold the Paradigms, and Infinities over the years. IF you absolutely love the sound of the Paradigms, then GET ALL PARADIGMS!...AND SELL YOUR OTHERS! OTherwise, if the Infinities, get matching speakers all around there as well.
Gregcagle said " AGAIN, My question here is wether to get the Paradigm Studio 100 v3 or Studio 60 v3". Just for the record Greg I also had the 100's in a very large room with a 100 watt amp and they still... rocked
Hillcrest HiFi on Preston by Valley View Mall at least did and probably does carry Paradigm. They also carry B&W which you should audition. And there are other stores in North Dallas near 75, which you should visit before buying those. I get the impression that you have yet to hear Paradigms or very many other speakers in that price range.