Room correction room system vs ears….

So, I splashed out and spent more than I wanted to on a nice little Benchmark amp and preamp etc and since I’ve gone that far I got curious about a room correction system for this and it’s going to cost me over a grand apparently. As far as I can gather these dial in the music before it comes out of the speakers…?


im wondering if I simply messed around and found the sweet spot without a room correction system how much of a difference this would make. I’m far from savvy with audio and try to keep things simple for my simple brain, so, on a scale of 1-10 how much difference would I percieve by splashing out on a room correction system?


The smart money says treat the room first and then do room correction if still needed.  I’d recommend GIK for reasonably-priced room treatments and good advice as well.  As far as effectiveness of RC, read reviews of the DSpeaker Anti-Mode 8033 and/or the 2.0 Dual Core to get an idea of what’s possible. 

I wouldn't say DSP would NEVER be necessary, but I do think room treatment is the first thing to go, and then any remaining issues can be dealt with quite handily with a little EQ on the sub. :)

Yes, room treatment is essential I know. I’m living in Brazil now so the prices for this I’ll have to find there - pretty easy though from pro audio stores for re riding setups. Going to get that right first then if I’m not quite happy I will look deeper into room correction systems.


thanks guys