Rogues Cronus Magnum -KT120 version Integrated amp

I have been listening to this new Cronus Magnum new version with
The KT 120 output tubes .compared to the older KT-90 magnum model
It is clearly better especially low bass, mid bass and image depth.
We have put this integrated amplifier to he test. With maggi 1.7
new Revel 106monitors, and B&W 802 speakers in the 18x 14 room 8ft ceilings the Cronus sounds excellent. We even had another Audiophile
Bring the latest Prima Luna integrated that goes for around $3k.
Without question playing rock or anything that has big dynamics swings
Like orchestral the Cronus was the easy winner at 100 wpc and taps for
8ohms as well as 4 ohms. Itis very well balanced and the beefier transformer and power supplies just lock in the performance.the highs
Are nice open and detailed .i used 8 different CDs from rock to jazz to
Solo singers. The midrange had tons of midrange front to back depth
That usually I have not experienced unless spending over $5k.
This tell me the custom wound transformers are a very high grade.
I would like to note I havenot even put my Vintage input tubes in yet
Just the stock JJ tubes and Phillips.. I have Sylvania black plate 12ax7
Tubes, and RCA clear tops for the 12au7 that makes this even better.
For $2300 I have nothing at all I can mention negative,even at $5k this is a outstanding performer . This Is a no brain best buy read the old reviews
And know the new KT-120 version is a step up !!
I wish they'd had this version earlier. I was not impressed with the regular Cronus with EL34 tubes.

The KT-120s are also a big step up in Rogue's M-180 monoblocks.

I've tried clear tops and bugle boys in the M-180s, but I've gone back to the Philips 12AU7s that the amps came with each time. (Perhaps I should order some backups while they are still cheap.)

On the other hand, the GE black plate 12AX7s (used from ebay) were a great success.
Yes when it comes to vacuum tubes ,your loudspeakers as well as audio cables will dictate how they sound in your system.