Rogue Cronus bias question

I checked the bias on my Cronus Magnum for the first time since setting it up about a month ago. I know you are supposed to do this more often but it's hard to get to as I have to lift my 60" Plasma off of a shelf, then move the shelf(I am building a shelf that will have easier access in a couple of weeks).

Anyway, the bias was perfect on all four output tubes, no adjustment needed. If there are other Cronus owners on here, do you have to adjust the bias often or does it stay set most of the time?

Love this amp!
Once the tubes break in and stabilize they should hold bias in a stable manner and you should not have to check more often than once every six months.
I check mine about every 2-3 months. They have been set @ 35 since I replaced my EL-34's with Gold Lion KT-77's last year, and I have not had to re-adjust the bias at all. Prior to changing the tubes, the original Svetlana EL-34's never wavered from their 35 settings in the three years of their faithful service. Happy Listening.
agree that I only check every few months and my KT90s seem to hold the bias well