Rogue Audio or Mcintosh

I have a pair of classic McIntosh MC30 monoblocks with NOS GE tubes, Rogue Audio 66 preamp with Magnum upgrade, Denon DCD1650AR cdp and Spendor SP100 speakers. The MC30's are exceptionally clean and very cool but I am sure a fair amount of technilogical improvements in amplification have been made over the 40 years since the MC30's were made and am considering replacing them with the Rogue Audio 88 power amp. Any thoughts?
Listen to them both side by side.Thats the only way to tell.
The Rogue is a very competent performer from top to bottom and has a little of the classic tube sound (which I like) the Magnum upgrade gets you a big step up in performance with much more detail and definition, to the point where they just about disappear.
I have not heard the Macintosh but thought any info was good info.
have fun
Keep in mind that the Rogue will not keep its value very well over the years but a comparison side by side would be a good indicator of sound quality - remember many companies are trying their best to duplicate the sound of those 30's in their new equipment.
I have never popped the top off either and have never inquired and so have no direct knowledge about your two choices.
But.. do not assume that old is bad and that newer is better. There is so much hype and always a new Rogue, I mean vogue in the industry. I have a friend who was a stockbroker and one of his favorite jokes was to say that investment advise in stocks and audio was the same because If you buy what is "hot" you are going to bid with the masses and pay a premium for well..."hotness".

If you love your Mac's a little TLC in the right hands (cap and coil upgrades) might do wonders.

Remember, I know nothing about Rogue in particular and they might in fact be a real killer deal. I don't want e-mail from Rogue lovers as that was not my point. Nat and LjGj give sound advise..bring the Rogue home and listen.
One is not better than the other.It they both have a there own sonic signiture.Some will prefer one over the other it does not make it beter.Everyone chose with your ear's.
I have a Rogue 99 and 88 combo and love it. The mids are warm, the highs not shrill and the bass tight. The sound stage is very nice. I use it with Chinese KT 88 tubes. But trust your own ears. I'm relatively new to enjoying higher end Audio equipment but have found it's is like enjoying wine. Everyone has their own preferences and it depends on what you are combining it with. Try to find a place where you can audition both side by side.