rogue 66 vs the99

i wont be useing the phono which one would be money better spent????thx
the 99 is worth the extra money in a quality system. More neutral and much more detail.
Hello, After using many high end preamps from ARC, Kora, Audible Illusions, etc.. I purchased the 99. It is the best sound I have ever had. There is something about the 6SN7GT sound that I really like. The gain knob is genius. It allows you to really match it with the rest of your system. I wish it had XLR's but it really makes music with my Kora Galaxy amp. I had a custom "Magnum" phono board built for mine and it is just incredible. There are some incredible deals out there on this preamp from motivated dealers. I paid $1500 for a demo and $400 for the phono board. If you don't have a dealer close you might want to check with He is dealer in Tampa, Fla. that I trust could make you a good deal.