Rogers Ravensbrook amp - how to match speakers

I've recently inherited a Rogers Ravensbrook amp and need to connect some speakers to it.
Does anyone know what the amp's per channel power output is or have any other useful info?
If this is a Ravensbrook Mark1 (No headphone socket, metal grille on top) then be careful - these are not very powerful (10 Watts into 15 ohms), and do not like low-impedence speakers (8 ohms is the absolute minimum).

Also be careful not to drive it too hard - at the onset of clipping (1 or 2 o'cloock on the volume control with 200mV input on line inputs, or 5mV magnetic pickp) these clip heavily once rated power is reached (I had one for many years in the 70's) - clipping wallops a huge DC voltage, and can damage cross-over circuits an tweeters!

That said, used with care, these are very sweet-sounding and musical amplifiers. The later models (especially the Mark3) were rather more stable down to say 6 Ohms, and the Mark3 delivered 15 Watts or so into 15 Ohms.

Efficient speakers like Tannoys or Missions spring to mind, but be careful to check the impedence! (Running a Mark1 into 4 Ohms will kill the output stages rather quickly, but it will make the room warm for a few moments!)

Oh - reminds me - don't block the vents on top - they're there for a purpose - these babies get warm!


Hi, Any 8 ohm speaker will do, I think the output is about 15 watts. Speakers are not that critical as long as they are fairly sensitive and are good quality. I hope this helps. Regards Anthony.
PS. I speak from experience as I have built many speakers (infinite baffle,transmission lines, underfloor loaded and full range ribbons, the biggest over 7 ft high). The ribbons are my favourite speakers.
The ravensbrook is 30 watts not 15 sorry. Regards Anthony.