Best amp for Rogers LS3/5a + AB1 subwoofer?

I'm interested in VAC Renaissance 70/70 and Lamm ML1 to go with my Rogers. Anyone experience these with Rogers? Any other suggestions? Thank you for the help.
I have a cheapo Dynaco ST-70 and they are a pretty darn good match for less than $400 for a good one. I used VTL tiny triodes for a couple of years but they were a only a little better than the Dynaco. The AB1 makes it an easier load also.

I have a friend that has your set up (I sold them to him :). He has Quad II's VTL 120s and now a Sugden A21 which is said to be a really good match.

I do not think that spending too much more than say a $1000.00 is needed for really great sound. There are a lot of good choices for that or less.

McIntosh MC-240 and Rogers Ls3/5A is one of the best combo.
I sold the LS35a for a number of years. I wish that I had purchased a pair when I could have gotten them half price. Consider the imprudence of separates and the compromise of putting all but the very best interconnects between them. Buy an integrated Amp! I would put the DK Design Group VS-1 Mk2 Integrated Amplifier (with a tube pre-amp stage by the way) against any separates on the market. Another good choice might be the Plinis 9200. As far as a Sub the TBI Magellan VI is one of the most musical subs on the planet and and for near field speakers like yours ideal! The transition will be seamless. It is THE sub to have if you are running electrostatic speakers and your little Rogers are about as close to quads as dynamic speakers get.
I used a levinson 27.5 to power my spendor ls3/5a speakers with wonderful results. An Audio Note P2SE worked well, too, although was not as dynamic as the Levinson (of course)
I have the Chartwell LS3/5a 11 Ohms as well as Rogers LS3/5a 11 Ohms. I drive them with a Quad 606II and sometimes with the Denon PMA-S10 Integrated. Both sound great with either combination.