Roger Waters Live Last Night in Glendale,AZ

My first concert in a while. Last was Sia. 

Roger has a message for his audience

that comes with the music. Somewhat off-putting

I must say. I went for music not politics. Not saying

I totally disagree with his. F-bombs galore. All our presidents

past and current are mass murderers. Could be a bit strong.

He is 79 and British.  Has some fun stories. I can live without

the other messages though. Is this messaging common nowadays?


Roger has always been political. If you didn't go for the whole package, you're not understanding him. Not his fault if you're an a la carte fan.

Roger has a lot of issues. He is very wealthy and could probably do a lot of good for a lot of people, but he’d rather rant about what other people should do from the stage while he makes even more money. It doesn’t make sense to me, but that’s life as a Rock Star.

He is unbearable to me. Period. I wouldn't make him one cent richer. He's nowhere near as brilliant as he thinks he is, and he is absolutely tasteless to come to our country and criticize our history to paying customers. How could anyone but a supreme egotist think that an audience would be interested in what he thinks? 

   Poor Roger, he suffers from L.S.D. Also known as Lead Singers Disease. It’s a progressive and often terminal condition that occurs when the individual believes his B S matters.  It is very common amongst Rock vocalist and has crossed over to professional athletes as well. Others that show obvious symptoms are Ted Nugent and Sammy Hagar. As a paying fan, I go for the music not to hear someone’s social agenda. But unfortunately it comes with the territory. Pink Floyd is wrought with the horrors of the war and mental health issues and I’ve always appreciated their music. Many years ago I took my son to see Green Day American Idiot and it was laced with F Bombs and political ranting. But today my son just remembers that we had fun seeing one of his favorite bands. Regards, Mike B.