RIP Eartha Kitt

One of the great cabaret singers, but growing up, I knew her as...Catwoman!!
it sure seemed ironic that the lady who first sang, "Santa Baby" back in
53 would pass on Xmas Day.

I liked the other Cat Woman in the Adam West series better... and the one from the Batman movies even better. Neither compares to Mystique in the X-Men, though.

Ahdios Ertha. Thanks for the memories.
I remember her as "Catwoman" also and of course from "Santa Baby" which still gets a lot of airplay this time of year.

Ironically, I just picked up her "Collection" CD at the library the other day for my wife. "Santa Baby" is her favorite Xmas Song!
I'll never forget her role as "Lady Eloise" in Boomerang with Eddy Murphy.
... best part in the whole movie!
Maaaaaarcus Daaaaaaarling!!!!
Sad news.

In Sept. of 2007 I was in N.Y. for a bday party at the Carlyle Hotel. I was fortunate to see E.K. perform that night. She, already aged 80, wore a high slit dress and put on quite a show. She tastefully played her "sex kitten" role while acknowledging her age at the same time.

I'm glad to have had the opportunity to have seen/heard her that night.