Ridge Street, Locus Design Axis & Synergistic USB

Has anyone directly compared any two or more of the following USB cables for feeding digital audio to a USB DAC: Ridge Street Audio, Locus Design Axis or Synergistic Research? I have read great things about all of them, but little in the way of direct comparisons among them. I would appreciate your help.

Not sure if you have already noticed, there's a new review comparing 3 USB cables at Positive Feedback, 2 of which are from Locus Designs

Thank you. That was very helpful.
I'm assuming you saw this, but in case you did not...if you scroll down a bit to the middle of the current page in the PC Audio forum, there a discussion in which folks compared the RS Audio USB cable with the SR USB cable. I think the last entry was 10-22-08.
Thanks, Sammie, for the helpful response. That post includes a comparison between the Ridge Street and the Synergistic Research cables. It still leaves me wondering about how the Locus Design Axis, which has also gotten some very favorable reviews, compares to the other leading contenders for the top spot.
Yep. I want to try the Locus Designs also. I'm currently using the SR cable, which is a hige improvement over the Kimber cable I initially had. And, it should be for the price! I'm curious about how it compares to the LD cables.
I have both the Synerergistic and Ridge Street USB cables now. I have not provided the full recommended break-in for the Ridge Street yet. I will present an opinion once this is done. I have a feeling the choice of best USB cable is like other cables; system dependent.

Splashkin, looking forward to your report. Another variable in the USB cable testing might be to test the CryoParts $70 USB cable... very surprising... no doubt about it!

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