RF Chokes/Ferrite Beads, do they have a place in your system?

Hello and thanks for responding!

I have a large collection of chokes/beads and was curious if they have a place in your system and what benefit, if any, they may have. I have tried them only on power cords where "maybe" there was an audible improvement. Are there other areas of a system where they may be desirable to install?

I used them in the power connectors for the Class D amp kits I built.  Not sure if there was an audible improvement, but that's definitely a place for them.
Thank you Eric!

Can anyone else chime in? I do have a Audioquest power cable for my headphone amp and it came with a choke positioned near the the connection to the amp. I have also viewed photographs inside some higher end pieces of equipment that had every power tap out of the transformer choked. One area of my system is my Streamer/DAC, a Cambridge Audio AZUR 851N with no power supply chokes and would have no problem popping the lid and applying chokes to it's transformer, unless for some reason this would be a bad idea. I would appreciate any thoughts - thank you!
I still use some on my large AC Power cables. I had them, at one time, on each end of most of my interconnect and digital cables.

I was reading an article about these "tweeks" and the author stated not to over do it. I went back and started removing some and found out that they were sucking the life out the music.

So through my experimentation, I found a few work really well, but don’t over populate them!

BTW, I have a ton of them in all sizes if anyone wants to buy them :-)
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Thanks all - most appreciated!