Rewiring of SME V tonearm?

I've had my SME V now for 9 years and whilst talking to SME the other day I asked if the V had been upgraded since 1996. He said that minor changes had taken place but the main that interested me from a sound improvement point of view was that the internal wire had been upgraded to solid silver from the cable I have in my V which is a copper/silver cable. Has anyone had this done and if so was it a worthy upgrade in sound?? I'm guessing that the current V's have this as standard so maybe someone can comment on the older V's compared to newer V's??
My SME is 15 years old with copper same as yours. I sent it to England last summer for an internal wire upgrade and whatever other service it might need.

The new SME V indeed has silver van den Hul wiring (instead of copper). However there is an even better silver van den Hul wiring which SME does not use in their production arms but which they can install for you. It is designated as van den Hul MC-150S. Ask for that. I don't know what cartridge or phono cable you have. but it should be an improvement regardless.

Make sure you ask them to check the bearings and service the arm lift.