Review: Win Tinnon Saskia Turntable

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A new reference is born !
I just recently installed a Talea tonearm on a Win Tinnon Saskia turntable and Wow !!!!

My prior arm was a Schroder Reference SQ with an Olympos catridge.
I have been with this crazy hobby for more than 25 years and I have not heard a better combination.

There is focus,bloom, unlimited dynamics and yet pace , rhythm and musicality.

I never reliazed that Azimuth adjustment can make such a difference in sound.(a Talea arm feature )

Of course, the dead-on speed of the Saskia turntable most have contributed .
This system takes time to set up and once done , it does not require constant tweaking like other systems.

Associated gear
Talea tonearm
Dynavector Xv-1t cartridge
Oswald Mills Phonostage
ASR Emittor 2 Amp
Genesis 1.1 Speakers

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Having heard Win's table at RMAF 2008 and a fellow Talea owner, I can only begin to imagine what heavenly music you are enjoying. Have to agree that the azimuth fine adjustment is a terrific feature. Both look as beautiful as they sound. (Hint: we'd love pics!) Congratulations and keep everyone up to date as things break-in.

The Talea arm is created by Prof. Joel Durand in collaboration with the various departments of the University of Washington in Seattle.

The US distributor of the Talea arm is Mr. Thom Mackris

Win Tinnon is the creator of the wonderful Saskia turntable.
Thanks guys,

I try to do my best, and I really appreciate your kind comments. They mean a lot to me.

I have a passion for this hobby, and when others appreciate my vision of what a turntable should be, it is extremely encouraging. You guys make the effort spent worthwhile!

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