Review: Unity Audio Signature 3 ED Speaker

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Well I guess I should start at the begining. When I first purchased these speakers, I didn't expect to get to much out of them. They are a mere 4 and 1/2 inches deep, 9 inches wide and 36 and 1/2 inches tall. They are not even Bi-Wireable as many of us have been told is so important. After getting these home and hooking them up, I was shocked at the realism these speakers convey. I can't think of any other way to put it. I felt as if I could reach out my hand and touch the lead singer in whatever I was listening to! I also noticed the excellent job all of the drivers did in "getting out of the way". The midrange is warm, but not unnaturally so. The highs are extended, but not "tipped up" or too forward. The mid-bass is supple and well rounded (AND YES WE ARE STILL ONLY TALKING ABOUT SPEAKERS HERE!!-LOL). The only feature lacking from these is true bass response. These speakers image well, and produce a nice wide soundstage. You have to be very careful however, they are picky about placement! The primary drivers are a 1 inch ceramic tweeter, with a 4 and 1/2 inch midbass in front. The rear also features a 4 and 1/2 inch bass driver as well. Considering the driver sizes, the bass isn't all that bad. It is tight and well controlled. There just isn't enough of it. All of the drivers are what looks to be a type of poly, with rubber surrounds. In all, these speakers are much more than I expected and I would put them up against speakers like the Paradigm Studio 100's, or the PSB Stratus Gold-i anytime. I would win those fights too!! Well at least in my humble opinion!

Associated gear
PS Audio 4.5 Pre-Amp with matching power supply, PS Audio 100C Power Amp (120 watts per channel into 8 ohms), NAD 5000 Monitor Series CD Player, Wireworld Solstice III Interconnects, and Purist Audio Design Elementa Rev.A Speaker Cables.

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I don't find your review suprising...I owned a pair of Unity Audio Signature 1's in Koa wood an stupidly sold them. However, one major problem.....the company is out of business. Bob Gross was the president and designer if my memory serves me correctly, made a nice speaker but didn't know how to properly market them or run a high end busines IMO. If I knew that I could get a pair of the 1's or III's in excellent working condition I'd buy 'em.
I was a Unity Audio dealer and sold a number of these speakers. I agree with the above description of their sound quality - they are quite good. They made a sub-woofer to go with these speakers - the model IFVC which sold for $ 1050.00. It is a cube about 2 Ft. with 2 12" drivers. Adding the sub not only extends the bass down to 28 Hz. it frees the 6 1/2 " from carrying the low frequencies which greatly improves the mid-range. I have one IFVC sub left which is for sale. Contact me for more information on this.

I too had a pair of Sig I's. They were factory modified to accept bi-wire. I traded them in on some VR4 Gen III's earlier this year.

Garebear, I don't know if my dealer still has them but if you're really interested I'll send you his contact info.
I read your review of these speakers and enjoyed mine quit a bit. I bought the CLA3 mkII series and found them very pleasurable to listen to as well as steal much of my time. My Unity Audio speakers were damaged in a move. Do you have any interest in selling your Sig 3's? A functual pair without the damaged tweeters I have would be welcomed and an upgrade.

Looking forward to your answer and be well.