Review: Tyler Acoustics Linbrook full range Speaker

Category: Speakers

I have owned more speakers over the last 25 years than I can remember, yet when I discovered the Tyler Acoustics line, I will not consider another brand. I had the Reference Monitor, Linbrook Monitor, Reference II, & now I have a custom-made full-range Linbrook in a single cabinet. They are impeccably finished in a gorgeous ribbon mahogany. In fact, if you have seen the ad in Absolute Sound, those are my speakers in the picture. To get speakers of this quality in an audio solon, one would have to pay between $12 & 20 thousand, but with factory-direct pricing, these are available at a fraction of that. Also, you can get over 60 finishes! The drivers are all by SEAS of Norway,the same ones used in the larger Von Schweikerts & Joseph Audio Pearls, among others. The crossover parts are all first-rate, & the cabinets are solid & inert. My tastes in music range from Pink Floyd to Fourplay & Diana Krall, & the Linbrooks handle any type of music with rhythm, delicacy, speed & tonal accuracy. Bass is viscerally palpable, highs are airy & delicate, & the midrange is fluid & realistic. With each upgrade to my system, the speakers sound better. The customer service at Tyler Acoustics is second to none. I had the opportunity to visit the factory in Owensboro,KY, & I saw the various stages of production. You can't go wrong with Tyler's upgrade policy, which I have used several times. The owner, Ty Lashbrook, is a true craftsman & music lover, & he makes sure his customers are completely happy with any purchase. I can not recommend the entire Tyler Acoustics line more enthusiastically, & I look forward to new additions to it, because I will certainly try anything Ty makes!

Associated gear
Coda 11 amp, Coda preamp,Bel Canto DAC-1, EAD 1000 transport,Legacy Pacemaker sub, Stealth Triple Ribbon speaker cables, Verastarr XLR, BMC Gold Pinnacle RCA & Digital, Cardas Golden, Z Squared au & NBS power cords. Panasonic H1000 DVD.

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