Review TRL Sony 595 mod

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trl sony 595 mod review 2010.

about four years ago i heard a friends merlin/audioaero/filharmonia/cardas setup and realized what i was missing.
i live in an audiophile vacuum, lake charles, la, i've used audiogon as a substitute for a local high-end audio store. thanks to all the people who have written reviews on audiogon, posting their own observations and comparisons. i've looked for consensus opinions at affordable price points, and have found that what i've read has really been quite accurate and helpful.

as for the trl sony 595.... i was looking for an affordable player devoid of digital harshness/edge and hopefully non-fatiguing (i listen to music hours a day, both at home and at my studio where i paint). the sony has exceeded my expectations and i have it as a source in both my systems. extremely musical, open & quiet... detailed. (i've used elvin jone's drumming in coltrane's "my favorite things" as one specific barometer or reference track. i can now hear all the nuances to his playing (as if he's actually in my living room). in terms of imaging, soundstage, prat, cymbal air/decay etc... it sounds perfect to my ear. everything sounds good running thru this player from electronic music to chopin, hendrix to bill evans provided that it's a good digital transfer. i've found that its redbook playback is just as impressive as the best sacd's that i've purchased. i've owned a marantz universal player, and the sony kills it. honestly, i can't imagine ever wanting another digital source. paul weitzel maintains that the sony is the best source he's heard apart from listening to the master reels. i totally trust his opinion --- guess i'd have to fly up to quincy, wa to truly appreciate the player's capabilities. paul tunes the player thru magico speakers (which he helped develop) and his own trl amplification (rave reviews here on the "'gon"}.

observations over the past few years... direct line and properly cleaning contacts--- hugely important. fuses/plugs/vibrational control all make a difference. power cords make a tremendous difference (i'm using paul's fim/crl silver power cords for both my integrated and my sony 595). cables (get the best you can possibly afford --- i'm using acoustic zen in both my systems, and his silver interconnects and hologram spkr wire are lights out).

if you're a middle-aged, grey headed dude with nothing better to do with your money, this may indeed not be the player for you. perceived value is quite an important part of our collective human condition. you'd be happier with esoteric's latest $20,000 transport. no question about it.

if you're like me... an enthusiast, with a tremendous amount of digital music looking for quite possibly the greatest bargain in all of high end audio... this should be a strong consideration as your source.

cheers & happy listening

associated gear: shunyata plug, fim/crl silver pc, krell 400x1, musical fidelity amp, acoustic zen adagio spkrs & cabling