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The Sid Sound Improvement Disc $39

The SID (Sound Improvement Disc) improves the sound of CD, SACD, DVD–A & DVD sound & picture. The Sound Improvement Disc is an accessory that is placed on top of the CD, results in a better separation of instruments and a much clearer reproduction of the voice.

The SID is the easiest and the least expensive way to upgrade your HI-FI system. The best way to hear the difference that the SID makes to the sound is to play a piece of well-known music for a maximum of 30 seconds without the SID, and then the same piece with the SID in place.

Well that’s just what I did and wow! It cleaned up each CD I played. All it took for me was about 10 seconds to hear it. From top to bottom the music improved. The first thing I heard was the dynamics; with out the SID in place the music was dragging and sounded slow. The BASS is so mush tighter and faster. The MIDRANGE was smoother and life-like. The TOP-END was much more cleaner and had more detail. Back and forth I went with the little green SID and again it improved my audio CD’s. Not bad for the price and easy to use.

The only comparison I did was with the Herbie’s Audio black-hole. The black-hole was warmer but not as clean as the SID. Also the SID can be used over and over on each CD/DVD where as the black-hole is a one time sick on damper. The main thing is this tweak works and will last a long time. “Just trust your ears.”

Pros: The SID does what it was design to do and does it well.

Cons: None.

Bill Glenn

Associated gear
B&K 505. Krell kav-250. Classe cp-35. Ming-Da MC-7. Ref-Mod Oppo 981. Chang 3200 PLC. B.G. 420’s Bolender Ribbons. B&W-804. SPK-Cables Analysis Plus Oval 9 and Anti-IC’s Background: Electronic Tech.

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