Review: Tara Labs Prism Bi-Wire SA-OF8N Interconnect

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Budget Esoterica Review Magazine
December Holiday issue 2014

As you may have figured out by now , budget esoterica review magazine has a fetish for audiophile interconnects. We love interconnects and we think they are the cat's meow. We like to think that they are the "catnip", that nourishes the audiophile soul. I have found one particular set of interconnects that are sexy enough to store in your wife's underwear drawer. The Tara Labs Prism Bi-Wire SA-OF8N comes in a beautiful slick purple jacket. The beefy, locking rca connectors that are on it would not be out of place on a several hundred dollar pair of interconnects. You can find the Tara Labs Prism Bi-Wire for around $40 from Ebay stores that stem from the far east. Besides having a fairly neutral and robust, solid sound, i found that the Tara Labs made my
Arcam integrated amp sound a little less soft and fuzzy and a little more precise and controlled. A trait that was very welcome. Read on, grasshopper.

"The Trip", by Art Pepper was recorded in 1976. The last track on this cd is titled, "Red Car". While listening to this track i noticed a little better precision and control from my Arcam amp. The highs seemed a little more solid and sharper also. I noted that the sax had good focus with pretty good tone. The piano sounds full with good realism, but maybe a little bit dark, overall. The drum solo by Elvin Jones had pretty good accuracy, focus and well controlled highs.

In order to test the bass capabilities out i listened to track 7 from the rock group Rush cd, "Signals". I noticed a pleasantly smooth and forward vocal presentation. The drum bass was tight and controlled with very good placement showing short depth behind the plane of the left speaker. The following track, "Countdown", portrayed a little "woodiness" to the bass as well as a 3 dimensional and airy sound.

I wanted to see how the interconnects fared in the musicality department so i pulled out a recording by Horace Silver titled, "The Hardbop Grandpop". Track number 8 had very good musicality that would make most jazz fans very happy. The highs were nice and glassy sounding, reminiscent of my tube amp. Tonal color was also very good with a bit of
"juiciness" thrown in for good measure. The horns coming from either side of the speaker sounded full and strong , almost "jumping out" a little bit from the speakers.

I liked the way the Tara Labs Prism Bi-Wire interconnects sounded in my system. The presentation might be a little on the dark side, though , so careful system matching would be important. I would use it in systems that might be already a little bright or "lit up" sounding to begin with for best results. Other than that, they are a beautiful, well-constructed interconnect that i would recommend.

Associated gear
Arcam 8R integrated amp with tweaks
Denon DVD-1920
MasterSource NSMT loudspeaker cable
Cobalt Ultimate power cord
Paradigm Atom V.3 speakers
Atacama speaker stands

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