Review on Coda Technologies 16 Amplifier went live today

Just wanted to inform the individuals that have shown interest in reading the full review on Stereo Times website, not just the comments on the on-going thread about the 16 amplifier, that it was posted this morning.  It gets into the details why this is a spectacular piece regarding performance, build quality, and it's very reasonable price for what you get for your money.

Hey Mike,

I have not heard the CSIb with my own ears.  It is a combination of a #8 amp and the baby brother to the 07x preamplifier.  However, I know two people who have it in their systems and love it.

If you can you should really try to audition the 16.0, you might find it to your liking even though your x250.5 is a great amplifier.

After giving the #8 a good run in over the last week I can report only the sweetness of quality sound. Im in agreement with the review that this amp has amazing dynamics, holographic depth, micro detail galore and just smooth, probably because its so quiet. There is a boogie factor here too that makes your foot tap and body move.  It has a certain je ne sais quoi for lack of a better word. I can’t explain it but I love it. 

I used both the Vinnie Rossi LIO DHT and LTA Micro ZOTL Preamp. I love both of these but the MZ Pre seemed to have better synergy with the #8. Even with the Elrog 300B tubes in the LIO, the MZ Pre has the last word in detail and sound stage. My source is a Modwright Oppo 205. I’m already scheming to trade up to the #16. Is there a 12 step program for this disease?

Hey lancelock,

Thanks for sharing the details of why you are enjoying the music with your new #8 amplifier! I can understand why you would have the passion to try its big brother the 16.0. Enjoy yourself totally now and look forward to getting the 16.0 when you have a chance.  We both know Mike will help you when you are ready and able. 
@ lancelock

You may want to look into a more linear sounding tube in your LIO than the 300B as in my experience it's shouldn't even be close between those 2 pre-amps.

Those small octal tubes do sound beautiful and are transparent but when compared to a DHT, it sounds like you are listening to a recording verses actual instruments occupying a space between your speakers with body, texture, reverb and nuances that are unmistakable the hallmarks of a DHT; refinement and precision.

I'm also using a 2A3 DHT Pre and I have never heard this type of sound emanating from my speakers with such delicacy and realism...


Im not done with the LIO. I do have some tube rolling to do. My preference for the LTA and having synergy with these particular components is more a testament to the quality of the ZOTL pre. I can take nothing away from the DHT pre. I absolutely love it but it might find a better home Upstairs with my hybrid electrostats.