Review: Naim Audio NAC 282 Preamplifier

Category: Preamps

This pre-amp was added a few weeks ago and has brought tremendous new musicality to my system. Smoother, fuller, deeper, higher, cleaner, more natural and satisfying.
I am listening to jazz,classical, rock, world, and folk music all of which are just plain marvelous. I am also very familiar with the incredible Audio Note line and have been using their sound as a reference point. The combination of a high quality Naim cd player and pre-amp provides superior accuracy and approaches the pure musical quality of high end Audio Note gear.
Try... Dead Can Dance, Patricia Barber,anything off the French Indigo world music label, and Cyndi Lauper's new cd. Have fun with what you have and enjoy the music.
This pre-amp can be upgraded with the addition of an outboard power supply. I am using one that is good but not quite up to the task. I am completely satisifed with the results but know that for another price tag I can take another big step forward. The upgrade path is a nice part of Naim. Even though it is seductive and addictive, it satisifes the devilish urge to seek more.
The draw back is the Naim price tag. I'm sure somewhere you can get better for the money, right? I just wish I knew where! The importance of system synergy cannot be overlooked in either naim or Audio Note. I just don't have the time or money for trial and error.

Associated gear
Naim CDS2,XPS cdp and power supply
Joseph Audio RM33 speaker
Naim power amp
what amp and power supply are you using? were you upgrading the 282 from a lesser naim pre? i have a nac 82 and am considering a 282 or 52.
It appears that I am almost 11 years late with this post. The NAC 282 is regarded as the best bang for the buck in the Naim range of preamplifiers which is said to sound rather close to the top-of-the-range 552 (although there is now a new Statement range available). After more than a decade, 16 years to be exact, the Classic range of preamps does not have any major revision apart from the power amps which now have the DR added. The preamplifiers (NAC202, NAC282, NAC252 and NAC552) are still the same models on offer 16 years ago, perhaps with some minor revisions internally. The kit is as good as it was 16 years ago and there is nothing that can be improved upon, after all these years.