Review: Linar Audio Pre-Amplifier 2 Amplifier

Category: Amplifiers

I took a chance when I bought this unit as it was a company I had never heard of. All I knew was that Victor Sima, the former owner of Sim Audio, was the maker. I have not regretted the purchase in any way. This preamp has opened the window to crystal clear, detailed, and rich music. Subtle harmonics and ambience are now part of my daily listening pleasure. The soundstage is as wide as the room itself and depth seems to go beyond the back walls.
The build quality is excellent, though somewhat minimalistic and traditional, having 4 main RCA inputs and one "monitor" loop.
There is 1 pair of XLR inputs, one pair of XLR outputs as well as 2 pairs of RCA outputs for Bi-amping or multi-room function.
The styling is quite unique, having a brushed aluminum front plate with a slab of Acrylic Plastic in the center that is backlit in blue. Quite stunning at night, and can be turned off too. There are only 5 controls on the front with a couple of extras on the remote. Seems the money went into the internal components and not gadgetry. Fine with me. I liked it so much that I promptly bought the matching 250 watt ampifier.

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