Review: Furez 14AWG 2 conductor bulk Speaker cable

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July 2014 Issue

Audiophiles searching for good quality diy cables should check out the Douglas Connection website. I purchased the Furez 14AWG 2 conductor diy speaker cable from this website for .75 cents a foot. This cable is made from OFHC C10100 copper and uses foam polyethylene insulation. I terminated a 10 foot pair with Ram Electronics BFA banana connectors and connected them to my Arcam 8r integrated , which i tweaked with an aucharm audiophile fuse and Vintage Audio Labs noisestopper gold plated rca plug caps. For this review i used my Paradigm Atom V.3 speakers. I found this cable to have bold highs and lows with a pure mid range. I also noticed a good sense of body and it seemed like the sound stage was a little more open and spread out.

While listening to the Sade cd , "Promise", on the opening track i noticed very good depth. The vocals appear to be coming from at least 10 feet behind the plane of the speakers. The vocals seem to be very accurate and you can really appreciate Sade's exotic, steamy voice. The percussion sounded fairly crisp and at times downright zingy.

If you are a fan of jazz vibes you should definitely look into a band know as "Johnny Lytle Trios". The cd i listened to is titled, "Got That Feeling / Moon Child". On track two the conga work is hard-hitting and you can hear a little bit of the texture of the skins. There is also a sense of presence and body to the conga. The vibes are colorful and slightly liquid sounding. I noticed a very nice sense of rhythm and timing to this very interesting song.

I am a big fan of Joe Henderson who plays the tenor saxaphone on a superb cd comprising two lps that was recorded in the early 1970's on the milestone label. The cd i am referring to is titled, "In Pursuit of Blackness / Black Is the Color". I highly recommend this cd. I listened to track number 7 and i noticed something that i refer to as "bass bounce". The drum bass is so taut and powerful that it sounds like your speaker is going to get knocked off the stand. "Bass bounce" occurs when you are using a high quality stand mount speaker coupled to a high quality speaker stand. The organ in the background has nice tonal color. The highs are solid and thick and slightly silvery.
The Furez speaker cables are quite transparent.

The Furez 14AWG 2 conductor speaker cables are very nice cables for .75 cents a foot. I found them to be neutral and pure sounding with good sound staging capabilities. I like their bold highs and lows and the way they spread out the sound stage a little better than what i am used to. The added bonus is that they look good also, with their attractive putty grey jacket. Recommended!

Associated gear
Arcam 8r with aucharm fuse
Tara Labs prism reference pc
Denon DVD-1920
Paradigm Atom V.3 speakers
Kimber PBJ ic
Atacama speaker stands

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Thanks for the heads up on the Joe Henderson recording. I am a fan and ordered the CD. The Furez sounds like it's worth investigating too.