$1 a foot cable: 10awg no-name or 14awg brand?

If you had to run extra long speaker cables (40 ft) and were given the choice between a $1/ft 10awg no-name DIY-store copper in clear jacket OR say a $1/ft 14-16awg Audioquest GLC or similar from well-known brands, which way would you go? system is say entry hi-fi ($3k per component, total $10k).
Inside every brand name cable there is a core of wire that come from the same plant (give and take) as the one in the DIY spool. A 99.9997 OFC copper is what it is. Then it is the treatment, strand wrapping, twisting then packaging and merchandising that differ. At $1 a foot, companies like AQ or VdH are probably not spending time with fancy treatment. They likely take some good old core wire and tube them into a protective jacket, a helix or cross twist may be and that's it. Whatever they do with it, a 14 awg will be a 14 awg with limitations in the lower register and loss factor for long runs. Copper for copper, a 10 awg "pure" OFC copper cannot be a bad choice I presume and that would be mine if budget was limited to $1-2 a foot. At least, you pay for copper, not branding and the rest of the marketing gimmick.
40 ft says go for the bigger wire, which is the 10awg.
would try had to keep it from laying directly on the floor too.
10-gauge, though 12 should suffice for less than 50 feet. BTW, a buck a foot is a rip-off.
big cable is probably best value if you don't mind that they are more obtrusive
Buy the buck-a-foot and try these designs. I am sure they would beat the hell out of $15,000 Transparent cables....

I have a 36 foot run for the garage. I used 12 ga. lamp cord at about 39. foot from the hardware store. Ran it up through the rafters to a pair of KLH 5 speakers I got from a flea market. Since the 10" woofers have a cloth roll suspension, they are still fine, although the cabinets have seen 40 years of abuse. I don't complain since they were 10 bucks. They are up high.... Over 100 degrees in the summer and below zero in the winter, year after year. They WORK GREAT!

Read: roger-russell.com/wire/wire/htm

There is a lot of truth there.
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