Review: Balanced Power Technology BPT 2.5 AC filter

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Acquired this unit a few weeks ago, and let me simply say it has truly been the icing on the cake in getting my system dialed in properly. Noise floor significantly lowered; bass tighter; fuller; AND more rythmic. Additional improvements in clarity; and mids just became more fully flushed out. All of this with NO downsides.

Caveat- I am in a condo and do not have the luxury of dedicated lines. BPT offers several upgrades- Bybees; special internal wiring; an excellent Litz L9 PC upgraded PC for the unit- I went for all of these and didn't look back. Honestly, I don't 'gush' about something unless I think it is truly phenomenal. For once, I agree with the excellent reviews on this piece- not that that matters in this case, but it's a validation that I concur with. I feel BPT really has something here...

Associated gear
ASL modded 1009 845 PP monoblocks
Coincident Total Victory speakers
Audion Premier 2-box linestage
Spectral 3000SL transport
Audio Note 3.1x Balanced dac
Kharma Grand Reference digital cable
Ensemble Isolink digital isolation conditioners (x2)
Accuphase T-101 modded FM tuner
I’m glad you found what works best for you to dial your system into your requirements :-).
If you have not done so yet, (or if your BPT 2.5 unit does not have them) you ought to consider cryogenically treated AC outlets in your wall including the BPT 2.5.
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Hi Larry- thanks for the response. Yah- re: the outlets, I guess I just don't know which one is the best- any ideas??
See if Albertporter has any left to sell. (OR) (OR)

These are the ones I thought of first. There are other good ones out there besides the Hubbell's (cryo'd) like the Acme Silver plated cryo'd, or the non-cryo'd Wattgate 381 or the Furutech.

I hope this helps!
Thanks for the links Larry. I will have to do some searches through the threads- there was a good one a couple o' months back where several outlets were compared by someone whom had tried a lot of them.
Do a search on Hdm.
Hi, Sutts. Have you tried other conditioners/powerplants? Thanks.
Have you brought the BPT over to Israel's to get his input? Just curious?
I also wonder how much better the 3.5 would be............
Crazy- yes- I had a Tice IIIC HP for a few years- no comparison

Dolphin- Izzy is too skeptical with power conditioning- even though I know it works, he's too tough a convert! Plus, it would be too much of a hassle to take ti out of the system at this point.
Hi Sutts, always good to hear another BPT owner`s reactions that echo my own, congratulations. I had my BP2.5 fully modded also with the exception of Dynamicaps instead of Auricaps, my choice and an additional set of Bybees in a Bolder IEC adapter off the L-9 PC. I also lined the interior casing with Stillpoints ERS and have my unit setting on a Mapleshade maple butcher board w/surefeet/isoblocks. Chris Hoff`s affordable conditioner transformed my home theater system from a sports haven to a multichannel musical fantasy. BPT`s BP2.5 was also responsible for my ever expanding credit debt! :D Supporting cast in my DEAD-QUIET power conditioning include a dedicated circuit with a PS PowerPort & 21 system Bybee`s. My gear includes Motorola DSR922 4DTV satellite receiver plus HDD-100 HD decoder; Pansat 300a digital satellite receiver (free to air); 2 Butler 3150 tube hybrid amps; Sunfire Theater Grand 3 processor; Velodyne CT-100 sub; "soon to include" 4 Odyssey Audio Lorelei loudspeakers w/ 2 Nemisis center speakers; Ridge Street Audio`s MSE gen2 IC`s, Bybee digital, speaker cabling. I`d pesonally like to state that I NEVER would have ventured into high end components had I not gotten my BP2.5 from A`gon`s Underwoodwally. He be da’man in my book! Regards, Robin