Revel Salon after B&W matrix 800? or Wilson Witts

Hi all, due to money reasons, I had to sell my B&W matrix 800 speakers. I am now looking for a replacement and can get a good deal on a Wilson Witt 2, or a Revel Salon 1 (the Salon costing 1500 euro more).
Rest of my system is Mcintosh c46 pre, Mcintosh MC500 power amp and Accuphase DP 500 cd...
I like to listen at low to moderate volume and am looking for emotional engagement in music.Only thing missing in my matrix 800 for me was the bottom octave and the fact that, due to their hight, it distracted from imaging sometimes, not being very point source like... if this makes sense...
I have all kinds of recordings and want to be able to enjoy them all, not only the audiophile ones (this was a quality the matrix 800 sure had, everything kept listenable, even bad recordings)
I forgot to mention, I can also buy B&W nautilus 801 at the same price as the revel salons, so again 1500 euro more then the wilson witts II...
I had the MC500 originally with my 800ds so I know it will drive the 801s. I would describe the combo as detailed with forgiveness as the MC500 is a hair warm but extremely listenable. It would be my gut feeling that the 801s would be a very similar sound with even deeper bass due to the 15" woofer.
I've owned the Salon ones for a long time, still haven't heard anything to make me want to trade them in. I'd really have to be nit picky to find a fault, and I have tried.
I did do the tweeter upgrade.
Gshepardbuster, I did hear B&W nautilus 802's before on ML 383 and did not like them so much, the 800's I heard on a show with Pass? and they gave me the same idea: loud and pure, bass not deep enough and I wasnt moved at all emotionally; the 801 is said to be different as it goes deep. Sadly I haven't heard this one anywhere... It seems they all need to be driven moderate to hard to come alive? Spot on idea about the MC500 though, I love it and want to build my system around it!

Tmsorosk, what speakers did you compare the salons too, and how do you mostly listen (music, level)?

No one for the Wilsons?
Thx guys!!!
This thread seems dead in the water...
I did not mean to critize the nautilus 800 range, it is well possible I did not hear their potential as demos often tend to be too loud and shows even more...
I ended up buying a pair of Wilson Witt 1!
I must say that I am in audiophile heaven with them on my system! I know that opinions on these vary a lot and I had previous experience with them being a bit bottom heavy and just a tad soft on female vocals, as described in stereophile.
However this time i set them up according to the manual, directly pointing at listening position, free standing, and listening seat free standing as well... the result is unbelievable! This speaker beats my beloved B&W matrix 800's!
Imaging, tonality, emotional convey, all is perfect!! Gone are the described disadvantages I mentioned before... I wouldn't be surprised if in the review by Stereophile the setup wasn't as prescribed by Wilson either...
Anyway, to my ears they sound better then Sophia's 1 and 2 and they sound very similar to Wilson Sasha's wich I breifly audtioned!
One happy camper here : )