Revel M-20 with Sim Audio I-5?

I'm trying to match the I-5 with a suitable speaker, has anyone used this combo. I'm wondering if the 87 sensitivity rating is too low for the I-5, and their literature does not list recommended amp numbers. The moon is also running fronts in a HT, smallish room(11x18) and I will buy a sub to match whatever I get. Also considering JM Labs Cobalt floorstander or Electra bookshelf. Any thoughts from I-5 owners would help alot.
I don't know anything about the Sim, but I do know the M20s. They love lots of juice. I run mine with 100watts per with a Sunfire Architectural Sub. I have a small listening room and they do just fine. There are times, however, that I want to really crank out that baby and the spl levels just about make it-given my smallish listening space. It would never do it in a larger room. 200 watts plus would be needed, for sure. peace, warren
Thanks, that's kind of what I was afraid of, I-5 has 70 per and I'm waiting for my local dealer to get a demo pair to run with it to tell. I plan to upgrade on the amp but want to be satisfied in the meanwhile.