Revel F206 vs Focal Aria 936

I listened to both of these today through Naim gear. I am familiar with Revel, having listened to other models. The F206 has been reviewed well, and it did not disappoint: In a mix of jazz, acoustic, and vocal music it threw a great soundstage, detailed, images hanging in the air, sense of drama, good dynamics. The sound was seamless, with no sense of separation between the individual woofers and tweeter. BUT... BUT.... I heard a certain metallic quality, for lack of a better term. Jazz piano was sharp and defined, but almost too crystalline, and not completely authentic. There was something missing.

On to the Focal Aria 936: From the first notes, I and the person I was listening with immediately identified the missing quality as midrange warmth. The Focal had this, and as a result I felt it conveyed a more natural and pleasing reproduction of timbre. While arguably the F206 did everything better, the Focal did one thing better that is probably the most important thing. If timbre isn't right, what's the point?

My question here is if you think this could be related to the Naim gear? (the demo took place at a dealer in their listening room, so let's assume that the room is ok). Does Revel benefit from tubes, or a certain level of solid state amp? I listen to a lot of jazz and acoustic music so timbre is very important to me --  curious to see if others have heard this in the new Revel line.

Most of the Revels I have heard seemed to be a little tipped up at the top.
are they both burned in well?

also compare the impedance curves of both speakers

tubes often give a higher upper mid-range which sounds good and it interpreted as warmth

I will admit to being a Focal fan...