Revel F206 power needs/Amp??

I was able to come across a slightly used pair of Revel F206 speakers.


I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on a power source I was looking at, the Rotel RA-1570 integrated amp


It is 120 watts per channel and I was wondering if it would be enough power. I've read countless articles about power, watts, etc, etc, and that essentially left me even more confused. I mainly listen to vinyl. Any advice would be appreciated!
I would suggest McCormack DNA 125 or similar. Make sure the amp has a robust power supply and doubles watts into a 4 ohm load. The Revels are not very sensitive (88db) and will require "quality" watts to drive them accurately.
I agree with Tom. Although the Revel's impedance is rated at 8 ohms, it's impedance curve frequently drops below indicating this speaker should have an amp with some power. That and the 88dB sensitivity would not make a good match for the Rotel RA-1570.

You need an amp with high current, which the Rotel is not (only 120 wpc into 8 ohms). This does not provide the power for lower impededance speakers like the Revels.
What Tom says is correct; find an amp that can double it's power and drive a 4 ohm load. (Look for an amp that states it's watts into 8 ohms + watts into 4 ohms).

You need to tell us your budget and am I to assume you are looking for an integrated amp?
Thanks, guys. I would prefer an integrated amp mainly due to space constraints, but I am not against buying separates. I have never heard of McCormack, but will definitely check it out. As far as budget, I would like to stay under 2K, if possible. Do either of you know anything about the Musical Fidelity A5? Its 250 per channel, and I have found some slightly used for around 1500.

Thanks again!
Musical Fidelity makes nice gear and from what I read about the A5, it's got power into 4 ohms and it has a phono section.
I think it would suit your needs area of caution is to find out the history of the unit; how old it is, how hard was it driven (how many hours). I don't know what year the A5 was introduced, but if it's over 15 years old, capacitors and other electronics should be checked. It will play fine I'm sure, but it's approaching time for a tune-up.

BTW, McCormack is a very high quality amp and hard to find on the used market. You would want one that has been serviced.