Revel Concerta F12 vs Triangle Antal Esw

I was thinking about upgrading my speakers. Currently I have Definitive Technology BP-2006TL which are good HT speakers, but are short on mids for music. I did some research and go over some reviews and two possible options within my budget are: Revel Concerta F12 or Triangle Antal Esw. Any recommendation which one is more musical? Or, are there other brands below 2k that you would recommend? My current stereo setup includes: Parasound HCA-3500 amp, Parasound P/LD-2000 preamp and Parasound C/DP-2000 cd player. Any recommendations are highly appreciated.
Well, I know the Antal ESw and Revel F30s. I am assuming the F12s were voiced similarly to the F30s. I can definately say that you are looking at two very different approaches to making music. I think that somebody who likes one of your choices, won't really like the other. The Triangles are going to value imaging, pace, clarity and articulation. The Revels are going to value space, dynamic scale, soundstaging, and body. In this price range, I have found that these are the two types of sound and many speakers fall into one or the other. Having said that, I don't mean to say there isn't any overlap - I am simply saying it is a difference in design philosophy. Just like Americans aren't like the French.

Going from Def Tech, I think you would prefer the F12s honestly. The Triangles would be a big change - but who is to say you wouldn't like that better? I have not heard the F12s yet but for my tastes, the Antals are really really sweet speakers and I would get them. Good luck and enjoy the ride.