Triangle Speakers

I picked up a pair of Triangle Titus (the mark II version) speakers. I loved the detail and sound staging, but I found the midrange a bit bright sounding with with NAD C372 amp. I think this means that the upper midrange was being over-emphasized or the lower midrange was being under-emphasized. In any case, even with a sub the tonal balance didn't sound quite right to my ears.

My question for folks here: would I have a similar problem with Titus' floor standing speakers? In other words, is the brightness (when coupled with my amp) part of the Triangle sound or is it a mini monitor thing?

Thanks in advance for any advice.
If this is the older Triangle 202 then you need to move to a tube amp and if you can a tube CDP.I had the Celius and SS will not give you the best sound!!!!!!!!!!
Jolida 100 CDP with Sylvania 5751 Gold Pin Gold Label.
Pathos MK2 did work out but than again I sold all my gear and moved to Audio Note because I never did like the sound.Bloody ears (at times) to heavens sound.
A tube amp is an option but I have a pair of Triangle Zerius 202's and I think they can be a little tipped up but I was running them with both an Antique Sound Labs KI-22 Fox amp, (single ended 22W), and later a Plinius 9200. The Plinius smoked the ASL amp. There was, (as you'd expect), much better bass control, and much more to boot. I realize that the Plinius is relatively expensive for the speakers but any perceived brightness was gone with that combo in my opinion. When I sold the Plinius it was a sad day. My point is that with system matching I was very happy with the tonal balance of the floor-standers and I would bet you could be too.

Hope this helps, YMMV, FWIW, EIEIO
I don't understand "the mark II version" either... the Tituses were
sold in the XS version first, then the 202, then the current ES. I hope I have
that right and that someone will correct me if not. Perhaps the one you have
is the 202.

I have the ES version. From what I have read, the XS version had tweeter
reliability problems, the 202 corrected that and sounded better, and the third
is the best. I haven't heard the others but I can certainly vouch for the third. It
is a very pleasant, rich and involving speaker. Getting the best bass out of it
requires careful placement and room treatment helps, but it is no worse than
many small speakers I know, bass-wise. If you read reviews and owner
comments on the larger Triangles you will find that people talk about their
bass in quite complimentary terms. The Com├Ęte ES for example, the next step
up, is said to have much better bass than the Titus, but it sacrifices some
speed with its larger mid-woofer.

I have listened to my Tituses with a NAD C320BEE and I did not like the sound
much. I prefer higher-quality amplification, perhaps Creek or SimAudio,
although my antique HK930 receiver did a creditable job. The problem was
just as you say, a thin-sounding midrange, as well as some distortion of the
soundstage. At present I am using a very good-sounding Chinese-made SS
integrated, but I have heard the Titus ES with tubes and that's what I hope to
get soon, because the midrange was really nice.

I realize this is not a really direct answer to your question but I hope it helps.
I own Triangle Zerius which are floorstanders and found them bright because i toed them in. I moved them back to a normal position and this helped out alot. When I originally auditioned them I found neatral to darker sounding amps worked best. I currently use a Roksan Caspian MKII Integrated which is a perfect blend since its dark....
Yes the brightness is characteristic of Triangle speakers from the XS and 202 range. I haven't heard the new ES line but my impression is that the treble has been increasingly tamed as you move from the older to newer series. However, it must be emphasized that there is something magical about Triangle speakers paired with tube amplification. Paired with good cables and (most importantly) quality source components, this is the cheapest ticket I know of to audio nirvana. One of the best-sounding systems I ever assembled consisted of an ASL AQ1001DT (KT88 based integrated) matched with Antal XS speakers. Some solid state amps will work too though, I got good results driving Comete XS monitors with an Audio Refinement Complete. But you really have to get tubes in there to hear the Triangles at their best. I don't look at this as a design flaw, I just think it's something people should take into consideration when it comes to Triangles. I find their tower speakers to be well balanced and full-sounding, plus you can bi-amp if you really want to get nerdy. Have fun!
Thanks for the responses. Yes, I have the 202 version. I had forgotten the name.

I don't have any plans to upgrade my amp, so I'm hearing that Triangles might not be the best choice for me.
I used to own the origional titus speakers.I got the best sound using tube amplification.