Resolution Confusion

I have a Pioneer PDP433CMX plasma monitor.The owners manual says its native resolution is 1024x768.I have read about other TVs having a native resolution expressed by only one number,either 480P, 720P or 1080I.Whats the difference between the one number rating and the two number (????x????) rating? Is it true that this monitor can not display true 1080I, only 1024I?
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The number that counts for HD viewing is the second one. It describes the number of Vertical lines of resolution the display is capable of resolving. So your TV's built in Scaler will accept 720P with very little processing but it will down convert 1080I and 1080P signals down to the display's native 768 line resolution. Lots of info of this sort can be found at the Forum. Its where all the hardcore HT geeks hang out!

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