Resolution Audio Opus 21 Vs Wadia 302

I know these two players have been discussed on here before but I wanted a last opinion from owners and auditioners of both machines. Your pros Vs Cons.
I will not be running either CDP straight to amp I will not be using the balanced connects. Both players are in and around my price range.
Come on then, roll up yours sleeves and pound on those keys.
I am a big fan of The Resolution Audio player. Then, send it to Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound for his Reference Level Modification. (Or you can purchase one from him).
I owned a Wadia 860 with his his reference Level mod. And I was not disappointed with his recommendation on the Opus 21 that I now own.
I called and asked him about the diferences in the two, when I was considering the 302.
He is as straight a guy as you will ever meet. I am very happy with the Resolution Audio that he modified.
Black backgrounds, remarkable soundstaging and a low noise floor are his trademarks.
At any rate, give him a call. He is a dealer for the Resolution Audio.
I agree with Mike1driver and his dealer - I think the RA Opus 21 will sound better. I listened to both at different times, so never directly compared, but for the price the Opus 21 is really very good.
I have heard both players and certainly the Resolution Audio is the more musical of the two with better PRAT. While the Wadia 302 is a good player it is just not as good as the RA Opus 21.
Sounds like the resolution audio it is.
Thanks one and all for responding. It's always appreciated and is what makes this site such a valuable asset.