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Resolution Audio - Cantata
I felt the same way about the review. Jon Iverson is an experienced reviewer who is well thought of and normally does a fine job with reviews. It is interesting he used a Marantz A/V preamp for listening and comparisons. It would seem there would ... 
Resolution Audio - Cantata
I have to agree. Although I often feel, after comparing CD players, that the differences in the best players are small. I have had the opportunity to compare the Cantata to several other similarly priced players as well as the Opus 21 and thought ... 
Shoot Out Between Esoteric X-03SE n WADIA 381
Hi,Did you ever get responses to your question on Audiogon on the Wadia 381 vs Esoteric? Any thoughts on the Wadia vs the Resolution Audio opus 21?Thanks,Steve 
CDP Upgrade: Around 2k Used
IMO the Resolution Audio Opus 21 would be the best of that group with Ayre coming in second. I am also a believer in the GNS upgrade to the the Opus 21 but it is a bargain either stock or modified. The Wadia 302 is Ok but somewhat colder and more ... 
Resolution Audio Opus 21 Vs Wadia 302
I have heard both players and certainly the Resolution Audio is the more musical of the two with better PRAT. While the Wadia 302 is a good player it is just not as good as the RA Opus 21. 
The best CD Player for the money
Resolution Audio Opus 21 
upgrade ARC SP-8
Jam840, you will have a tough time improving on the SP8II. You will certainly have to spend big bucks. The SP8 is a really good preamp which is very tough to beat at any price. The SP6 is also good but not in the league of the 8. The 8 has a great... 
Naim Cd Players
Have owned a number of high end players over the years and the Naim players especially the current models are very good when compared to other plyers like Meridian. I owned the Marantz 8260 recently and it was not even close to the Naim CD5. 
NAIM CD5 vs ARCAM 73 or other 1 - 2K new recs
The Naim is in my opinion much better than the Arcam. You might consider the Sonneteer Byron which is close to the Naim for $2,000 and still better than the alpha 7. 
Solid State 200 watt amp-Classe/Marsh/McCormack
I second the Edge amp. However, the McCormack DNA 1 deluxe is a real bargain and sounds very tube like in the midrange with a good tube preamp. 
Best tube AM/FM tuner
I have owned HH Scott tuners, the Marantz 10B, McIntosh MR-71 and 78, and a few other older generantion tuners. While they were very good tuners the best of today, and better in some respects sonically IMO, are the Naim and Linn tuners. The Naim O... 
Graham Slee GSP Era Gold Mk. V - anyone have it???
Where is the best place to purchase the Era Gold Mark V ? 
Martin Logan Depth vs Rel vs Ruark
I have heard the Rel and the ML Depth on music and the Rel for home theater although not in the same room. Both were very impressive and did not call attention to the low end. For large rooms the Rel Statium may be required for HT but the smaller ... 
Who out there knows about Audio Research Pre's???
The SP-16 is very good for the money. It is a bit more tubelike than some of the ARC preamps. It has nice bloom and air. Stay away from the LS-7,15, or 22. All sound too thin and sterile for my tastes even though still better than solid state prea... 
Eurolab Premier TT and Phonomax Phono Stage???
I have a phonomax and am very happy with it. I owned a black cube in the past and their is just no comparison. The phonomax sounds like tubes but the low end is tight and natural. It is best used with cartridges .5mv and over though.