Requesting longterm user report on Integra DTC-9.8

Integra DTC-9.8 seems to be a popular processor upon its initial release and its rather positive reviews. Reading several other forum, many hi end processor (such as Anthem) owner are jumping ship to this Integra processor. Are you guys regreting your decisions?

I am a seasoned 2 channel guy but not much experiences in HT. Your experiences will be very helpful for me in selecting an used HT processor.

I have a dedicated 2 channel system consists of Naim components in a separate room. Prior to this Naim system, I was mostly into SET tube gears with Audio Note speakers.

I am setting up a new HT system to watch movie only. So 2 -channel performances of the processor is not important.
Here are the criterias i need for a HT processor, may be you guys can tel me if the Integra 9.8 is right for me.

1) Flexible in setup to deal with difficult room and non-optimal speaker locations. The HT will be in the living room, so I do not hae the luxury of positioning the speakers wherever i want.

2) My previous HT gear is a HK receiver. It sound nice but a bit too warm and not exciting sound for my taste.
I watch action movies most of the times.

3) Realiable and user friendly for daily use. I don't want to spend a lot of time trouble shooting for HDMI handshake bugs.

I also consider an Anthem AVM30, which seems like a long term favorite.