Request advice-need "brighter" speakers than Totem Hawks

Hi All-
Love the community here; first time poster.
My gear:
i have a pair of Totem Hawks, driven by Sim Audio W-5 amp and P-5 pre. I listen primarily to Redbook CDs via a Marantz SA8005. Cables are all Audience AU24SE. I listen both through a modded Eastern Electric DAC (op amp upgraded, tube removed) and direct from CDP to preamp (teensy sound difference between DAC/no DAC, if any). My medium sized room is pretty dead sonically (carpet, textile window coverings).

My Issue:
The high frequencies are uncrisp, rolled off severely, muted, and just lacking generally, especially on contemporary works (jazz, rock). I don’t hear cymbals, hi-hats, or rich, crisp snare drums (yeah, I’m a drummer). Listening to my favorite disks is a deeply disappointing experience, Though classical sounds ok to fine. I am thinking that I need brighter speakers than the Hawks (though there are numerous folks who extoll Sim Audio plus Totem speakers, something is not right. I do have a bit of hi-freq. hearing loss from playing percussion for over 40 years (amateur), but I’ve heard a number of less expensive systems that sound better to me. My first thought is to go for a used pair of B&Ws (CM5s?) or Vandersteens (assuming good WAF on the latter) to swap out for the Hawks. I’m on a budget, but am not above selling some of the current gear to pay for the right equipment.

I would love love to hear some suggestions or alternate diagnoses/ideas. I am not limiting myself to speakers; I’ve tried a bunch of different cables to no good effect. Analysis Plus silver cables, for example, were a disaster with this gear, for example, FYI. Thanks in advance for any sage thoughts you choose to offer. -Bruce

I have had the Hawks for 10 years. Run them with a Simaudio I5. Have you tried Nordost Blue Heaven or above cables? To me they are too bright with the Hawks, but with your high frequency hearing loss they might do the trick. 
So far, it still seems like a problem with the crossover connection. How are you wiring the top binding posts to the bottom?
You mention that your room is pretty dead, heavy curtains and carpeting can and do suck up high frequencies. Just walk over to area behind your speakers and talk, see what happens to your voice. Then change your speaker cables to Radio Shack Mega Cable, $35/50ft roll.

i listened to Totem Element fire recently and found them sweet but kind of laid back and dull. Not to my taste, certainly for $6k.
I have Monitor Audio Gold 50, which have a remarkable treble, and fit the bright, fast, light mold. 
You also might listen to Aerial, and for the new Beryllium tweeter, the new Paradigm Personal line.