replacing monitor audio ma700 mk 2 with tyler ref

thinking of replacing my monitor audio ma700 mk 2 w/ tyler taylo ref monitors. My amp is an Adcom 545 mk 2. preamp Nad 1155, both purched new and in excellent condition.Aalso, is this electronic combo adequate for the upgrade,or are they too ancient and/or imadequate for the taylos? thanks.
Another poss, keep the Monitor Audios and upgrade to something like a Simaudio i-5 or equvilant? advise please!!!
thanks, mitch from naples fla.
I spoke with Ty yesterday and he seems real genuine. I am thinking of Vandersteen 2 ce Signature or a Tyler Ref. Monitor (sale $1,300) or maybe larger model. I also have Adcom (1989 GFA 545) that seems to be a fine product and bought a used ARC LS 2B Mk 2 preamp 2 years ago. I am sure what you have will work fine with the Tyler products. Jim in Mich. Good luck.