Replacing Lyra Kleos at end of its life need suggestions as to what next?

I purchased a slightly used Lyra Kleos on Audiogon awhile back and its now probably close to retirement. 

I have enjoyed the cartridge and considered upgrading to the Lyra Etna but its rather expensive.  I thought about getting another Kleos but think want to upgrade rather than simply replace.

A couple dealers have suggested either a Soundsmith Hyperion or a ZYX Universe III.  The ZYX is roughly the cost of the Etna so that gives me pause.

Complicating matters neither of the dealers are local so would have to mount the pricey cartridge myself or with the assistance of friends in or out of the audiogon community.  

I have a Lenco L75 idler wheel direct drive turntable that has an upgraded plinth among other things and am using a Dartzeel phono/line preamplifier.

I listen to wide assortment of music including jazz, rock, and singer/songwriter stuff.....but not classical music....

any thoughts welcome



@radioheadokplayer : Again, not a simple retip.

Lyra has a fantastic customer service. $2100 for what will be a new cartridge is a great deal. I ask again, what is there to even think about?

retipping the kleos take 3-4 months and cost $2100 whereas can buy new Kleos for $3000 and often much less. 

perhaps for some that is a no brainer but to me its questionable value.

in any event I dont want to use same cartridge on same TT so not sure why some people here keep parroting this is no brainer  just get lyra ro retip for $2100

If after new cart breaks in I miss Lyra sound might consider trade in for Kleos SL but otherwise might just sell as is 

Dear @radioheadokplayer : Why don't ask directly to the Lyra designer?, you can do it here:


I have been a Lyra/Scantek Guy since 1988. Raul’s advice is right on. Do contact J Carr at the link he provided.

Retip by Lyra would be best as far as retiping goes, but “Needle Doctor” will send you a brand new Kleos in trade for $2600. Will last for years. 

It really is the best way to go if you liked Your Kleos. Good sound costs $; Great sound costs $$. Lyra sound is, Lyra sound. 

If you want to try a different sound; I like the Dynavector on my Kuzma.