Replacing cloth on Magnepan 1.6

Looking for anyone who has successfully replaced the grille cloth on a pair of 1.6s. How hard is it - really - and would you recommend attempting it at home, or shipping it back to Magnepan?
I have never replaced the cloth on my 1.6QR's, but there is an article about it on the Magnepan Users Group website.

Hope this helps. :o)
I've done it. Just be gentle and take your time. You'll need a manual staple gun to put the new cloth on. Also a small flat head screwdriver to pry off the wood inserts on the sides. Be careful because there are small nails holding them on but these loosen easily. Having a second person around to hold the speaker also helps...

Thanks Danton. Do the wood inserts reattach easily, or do they require new nails? If so, does this create any holes in the trim that need to be filled and refinished?