Magnepan mc1 or mmgw

I was wondering if any of you have compaired these two models in a A, B side by side test. I know the freq. response is much better on the MC1 but how much differece would that make in a surround speaker, I.E. is there alot of high freq. in rear channel sound, or would 16k of the MMGW pretty much cover anything the receiver sends its way. I also realize that no matter which way I go I will need a good sub. Also will maggies be a good choice if I'm using regular cone speakers for my mains?
I had three pairs of MMG-W's in my 5.1 system. One pair
is wired in series on each side of the front projection
screen. The others are L/R front and L/R rear. About a
month ago I replaced the L/R fronts with a pair of MC1's.
They dramatically improve the resolution of the system.
The MMG-W's are excellent for the money but do have a
restricted high frequency response, and they tend to
beam with a narrow sweet spot. With the MC1's the system
has much better clarity and dynamics. Only you can decide
if it's worth the extra money but it was for me. However,
I don't think the improvement will be as dramatic if
used as surround speakers. For my purposes the MMG-W's
are fine for surrounds.