Replacements for Motorola SJ2500/2501 transistors.

I dug out my Manantz Model 500 stereo amplifier the other day. Twenty years ago, I dismantled my system when we remodeled and didn't have room to set it back up after the remodeling was finished (system incl. Magnaplanar Tympani IIIAs, Audio Research SP3A and the Marantz). For all these years I've lived with book shelf speakers and lesser audio equipment.

I now have room for the Magnaplanars, so I'm digging everything out. Everything except the Marantz is in great working order. The amp has a channel out and they tell me the Motorola SJ2500 & 2501 power transistors need to be replaced (along with some fuses, etc.) but they are no longer available and the NTE60/61 aren't durable enough for the big monster. Does anyone know of other cross referenced transistors out there that would work?

If my memory serves me, it was the closest thing to a tube sounding amp that I ever ran across. It would be a shame to have it end up as an 80lb. paper weight. Any help would be appreciated.

You can use ON Semiconductor MJ15003G and MJ15004G Both are available form Newark Electronics at $ 3.45 each and they list as stocked - Good luck


Thanks Peter.

If the MJ15003G/MJ15004G will work in the Marantz, so will the NTE60/NTE61. They are the same specs, maybe even the same part.