Replacement woofers for Energy Veritas floor spkr?

Kind friend gave me a set of Energy Veritas 3.2 floorstanding speakers...unfortunately the woofers are kaput.

No luck with or klipsch who I am told bought them out. A local speaker re-coning service said the speakers had been jostled or dropped so the voice coils are off center and the cones won't move.

Anyone know where they can be bought? Or if they are repairable?

I saw one for sale on e-bay for $149.00 but I need all four and am hoping for something less costly.
$149 seems to be cheap and it's hard to get anything less costly.
Go one down three to go :-)
Check with Madisound. They can match up most
Thanks... I know they're good speakers and freebies, but I'm hoping for a minor miracle.

By the way for $600 I just saw a PAIR of new Energy veritas v6's believe it or not on ("only 7 left")

If I was gonna spend the $600 I would buy 2 brand new ones