replace those bulbs

Just like any body that buys used vintage stereo equipment at audiogon knows that out of a store you could buy a new stereo,but fore about the same price you could buy a much better vintage or almost new stereo at audiogon . and this is fine but what I have found out about vintage equipment that lights up is that the bulbs allways burn out . of corse you can just replace the burned out bulb with another one but now days they make LED bulbs for just about everything . they are brighter and last longer . they can make for a better replacement of bulbs .
A lot of the time those vintage units that burn up bulbs quicker is mainly due to not using the correct replacement bulbs. Big differance in the amount of heat from a cheap 250mv fuse lamp and the proper 200mv lamp the circuit and the surrounding plastic parts specs were designed for. Obviously the hotter brighter cheap ones will burn out quicker.
I have a Marantz receiver from 1976 that I replaced all the fuse lamps in 1995 before I gave it to my daughter and they are all still working as are the ones in the 4 vintage marantz units I also own.
I do like the led's for how long they last but I find most of them are too bright in some of the gear sold nowadays to the point of annoyance.