Replace rubber feet on Rega table?

I have a P25 and have heard that the rubber feet should be replaced. Anyone had luck with this? Are the Mapleshade feet a good way to go?
Look at the Star Sound feet. You can get threaded ones in various sizes. I have used both and decided to carry these, but Mapleshade is also good.
Why do you think the rubber feet need replacing?
I have read in a few places, lately in absolute sound, that they can let vibrations in. I have also experienced vibration when playing loud but attributed it to the dust cover being on. Things improve with the cover off when playing loud. Just wondering if taking the feet off will improve things.
For me, this would depend on whether or not you actually have vibration problems. There are many other factors involved, such as what kind of stand your table is on, what material it is made out of, etc. I have my P5 with the standard rubber feet on a very solid Sanus rack with the heavy glass turntable shelf. It is perfectly level, and I have no vibration problems, even with the dust cover on. If it ain't broke....
Why not keep the rubber feet and use the Rega Wall Mount?
I agree with Learsfool........My Rega P3-24/Exact 2 is sitting, with its stock rubber feet, on a very stable, perfectly level shelf of a Sanus rack. The music sounds wonderful. I, too, have been thinking about further isolation, including brass footers and/or maple shelf, but I'm now confident that my table is fine just the ways it is. Ya' know, to get on the endless hamster wheel doesn't make sense to me. What happens if you switch to brass footers, but then wonder if you'd be "better off" with BDR cones, or Vibrapods, or Walker points......You'll drive yourself crazy. Sit back, and enjoy the music !!
Happy Listening.
I liken swapping the rubber feet for an aftermarket set to the Dutch Boy with
his finger in the dyke: It'lll improve things a little bit, but there is a lot more
that could be done.

Turntable prices reflect (among other things) increases in vibration control
and noise isolation. From an MMF 2.2 with its single MDF plinth and rubber
feet to an MMF 5.x with its dual plinth separated by an elastomer layer to the
MMF 9.1 with three plinths separated by elastomer layers. Same thing
happens with JA Michell, SOTA, SME, Clearaudio, etc. As the price goes up
you see larger, more complex combinations of cones, ceramics, elastomers,
turntable mats, and suspensions.

Will swapping feet help? Of course, but so will adding a better mat, having a
suspended equipment rack, creating an isolation platform whether of wood or
acrylic, whether dampened by Vibrapods, squash balls, sorbothane, silicon
gel, sand, or air. Each tweak will probably improve the s/n and dynamic
range by 1/2dB to 3dB. It's the cumulative effect that matters most.

So I say tweak away. All the big boys do, and charge you thousands for it. I'm
getting performance out of my Technics SL1210M5G that I never thought