Replace my dac (NOW!)?

Gentlemen-i'm very pleased with my system, which retails for about 20k; Silverline sonatinas/v.a.c. triode tube amp/ AA transport/AA dtipro.32 jitter filter/AA ddev3.0 dac hot-rodded by dusty vawters/m.p.s. power supply for digital. audio magic i2s digital>dtipro>ddev3.0. shunyata viper v2&sidewinder power cords-xlo type 1.1 interconnects/silverline bi-wire speaker cables/f.t. audio passive line attenuator/api power wedge 116 mk II plc. should i pronto replace my AA ddev3.0 now? i realize that is the weakest link but wonder just how much its hurting my system. i'm considering a tubed dac Audio Note 1.1 thanks mike
See if you can borrow one from a dealer to demo in your home. Best way to tell if it is worth swithing.
try the audio logic 2400 tube dac or the dodson both are very good.both retail for 5000,I use the audio logic
i recommend considering only a dac that allows 24bit/196 Khz source processing, or at least is upgradable to these specs or higher. unfortunately, the units i believe best meet this requirement may be more costly than your system demands. they are the boulder 1012 dac/pre or the accuphase dp-75v. but then, you can rid yourself of a preamp with either choice. FWIW, the boulder retails for $15k and the accuphase $11k.
The 3.0 is outdated. The orignal Link Dac beats it.