Replace KEF 107/2 MF/HF assembly with KEF LS50

The KEF Reference 107/2 MF/HF head assembly uses an XLR connection.  What about rigging up XLR connectors for a pair of LS50s to try them in place of the 107/2 head assemblies?  Any obvious flaws to such an experiment?  There is a 5 dB difference in sensitivity and I assume but don't know that there are only two cables are in the XLR connectors.

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I don't think that's a standard XLR connector, as far as I can tell the speakers aren't powered in any way, and you hook your amp up to posts on the bass unit, so whatever that cable is that connects to the top unit has to be carrying power as well as the crossed-over signal, plugging that into a standard XLR jack is going to at best give you nothing, at worst damage one or both of what you're hooking up to.