cd player transport/laser assembly squeak/squeals

Have a cd player that bears a cdm-2 laser/transport assembly designation inside. This thing is in a magnavox/philips based unit..plays great but developed a squeak/squealing when in play mode. There is no skipping or mistracking..sounds great BUT mechanical sqealing drives me nuts. Anyone know if the motor has ability to be lubricated to correct this? I know it is not the plastic disc clamp mechanism causing under there..maybe motor. If it is dying....anyone have a new/perfect working replacement you want to sell? Know of what model player I can chop up to get this assembly from used? Magnavox says they have no more of these units left. Techs won't talk to me on phone cause I'm not a legitimate "service center".
Thanks anyone!
Have you tried CAREFULLY lubricating the moving mechanisms at all ?

You might also try checking to see if the unit is level or not. If it IS level, try unleveling it slightly. You might have to try slanting the unit in slightly different directions until you find a cure. I had a philips based unit that would "whir" when it was completely leveled. Throwing the unit slightly off balance was enough to get rid of the whirring that was driving me crazy. Sean
Interesting. I have lubricared the plastic disc clamp/spinning part. this is the plastic turning top that aids the transport/assemly...that is underneath. it is not the plastic that is causing the squeaking/squealing/"whirring" sound. That is the description I'd give it though but with a very "something is wrong" louder version. Some very slight(almost inaudiable across the room) Whirring is normal with this Mission/Magnavox/Philips design.
I'd have to try the off leveling but with care. the whole "suspension" is three or four springs the assembly sits on. Too far and it would get out of wack.
It used to have the 2 bolt down transit screws..they are lost(I'd love to find replacements)!
I had the same problem with my old Sony 608ES CD player.
The squealing sound stopped when i tried a CD mat such as Aurex. It must have something to do with keeping the CD level while spinning.
Who sells these cd mats? Heard of them years ago but have not seen them in a while.
I tried off-centering player all kind of ways. still squeals/squeaks. I just fixed two Philips compactdisc interactive players. They had same problems. Turned out the plastic part attached to the motor worked down and was slowed/stopped by friction! This was same fix in both players!
These two units play cds and interactive games/old Kodak photo cds.
They have excellent sound and weigh 2 1/2 times the Mission player! I'm still on quest to fix Mission player. I will be opening it up again to see if it is suffering same problems as other two I fixed. Will check mat out if I can find one. Thanks.
It looks like the Aurex mats are no longer available. The only other mat that Im aware of the the Marigo Crossbow mat.
Its available at They offer a 30 day refund minus shipping if it doesnt work out. Cost is $79.
kind of expensive but saved me from purchasing a new transport.