Remote control for Philips Cd 753


does anybody know which universal remote control would be good for Philips CD 753 player or maybe where to find the original one?
If you can't find one on ebay, I'm sure that Harmony has something that will work.
Thanks but Harmony is extremely expensive, more than the double I paid for the cd player.
I've searched on the net which one would suit for it but couldn't find anything.
Just about any universal remote should work. Its very likely you already have one. If you have remotes for something like a TV or DVD player, use one of those. All you have to do is look up the codes for Philips and assign it to one of the components you are not using the remote for.
There are Harmony models that go for around $20.
Ok, thanks. I will try that.

In my country they are expensive but if you know which model is about $20 please let me know. Thanks.
I'm wondering if the remote for cd 723 could work on 753. I can get it (the cd 723) for really little money. Again I searched the web and found nothing about it.
10 buck RCA from Wal-Mart works fine for me.