REL with Integrated Amp connection Question

This is a very noobish question but then again I'm a noob with subwoofers integrated with 2 channel systems =)

Assuming I have a Krell integrated and a Yamaha HT receiver. I have two speakers, I'd like to integrate a REL subwoofer. Currently I have the Krell as my dedicated two channel amplifier connected to a DAC and transport; however I also use the Krell to power the two front speakers and use the Yamaha AVR as a processor and video switcher via Krell's HT by-pass function. Confused yet? Now I ask you how in the world can I connect a REL sub like the Q-108 into the mix? I'd REALLY hope it can be done somehow through the Krell's pre-out line level outputs and not through the speakers terminals where I would then have to run speaker wire (thick Harmonic Technology) to the Subwoofer.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
The best way to hook it up is with the high level inputs. And you don't need thick heavy cable to do that. I have the 108 with my Krell 400xi, and the high level is the way to go by far.
Can't see how you would use acoustic bass management in HT mode unless it were hooked up to Yamaha at least.Can't remember if you can use dual out's at same time on REL but yes this is a conundrum unless when you kill the Yamaha the pre's out of Krell just kick in (though you would need to change level in back for Krell).Spacing for a moment bu as can't remember if REL has Neutrik or line level and speaker level connectors.Guess I would use Neutrick with Krell and line level into Yamaha.But can't see in this set up how you could use speaker level connection to sub out of Krell.Maybe RCA cable splitter and just pull out of Yamaha during Krell only operation.Dunnoh without sitting and playing with it and seeing how you have throughput set up but imagine it uses variable pre out.In any case it will probably necessitate pulling or switching set of RCA's.Good luck.

Lets assume for a second I don't incorporate the sub for home theatre, how would the Speakers/REL and Krell be connected? Maybe I'm oldschool but I always thought the speakers would be connected to the subwoofer (via speaker binding posts) then connect from the subwooofer to the amp (via speaker binding posts).
Connect the REL to the speaker outputs of the Krell. The REL is a very high impedance input (meaning the Krell won't even notice it's in parallel with your speakers). The REL draws almost zero current (or power) so it doesn't need speaker cable: I'd guess 26 guauge wire would do it.
Oh, so the REL connects to my existing speaker terminals that are already connected from my amplifier to speaker. So in a sense I'd have to spades connected to each terminal. I think I've got it now.
Be sure to get the connections in order. Wrap the wire around the correct posts: red to right +; black to left -; yellow to left +. Good to go.
Lush: what you want to do is use the REL Neutric connector, not speaker cable, from the power amp output terminals of the krell (inserted after the speaker cables) to the REL... Just as above post Seantaylor99 says. Also there is I believe a "high end" aftermarket Neutric cable for REL's often listed on A'gon.

Two ways to connect a REL to your integrated Krell, low level and high level.

If you Krell has a pre-out output, get a subwoofer cable from Radioshack and feed that subwoofer cable to your low level input 0 decibel gain on the REL (don't go with the 12 decibel gain since your neighbors will call the cops). This is how I hook up my two REL to my NAD C352.

Or you can use the high level connection, using a Neutric cable.

Go to to download a REL manual. The manual will walk you through step by step connecting your Krell to the REL that you have.

Happy listening.
Btw, congratulations on getting the REL. REL is more expensive than others but the bass is really quick and tight.
This is from a review:

"REL insists that you connect its units via high-level inputs. Each sub comes with a 34' length of three-wire cable terminated at one end with a Neutrik Speakon connector. Low-level inputs are available via a couple of RCA connectors (more on those later), but the high-level inputs are where the magic begins. REL believes that a speaker, together with a particular amplifier, creates a sonic signature. This being the case, it would seem best to carry this same sonic signature on to the sub system to best create a seamless integration. The load is very high impedance and presents no issue to the amplifier. Simply connect the wires to the appropriate speaker posts on the back of the amp and you’re in business."

As a REL owner, I couldn't agree more—Neutrik has always worked best for me. I've seen very reasonably priced 'highend' versions of Neutrik cables for sale on Audiogon but can't remember the name of the company. REL offers the cables in different lengths; I purchased a 20' REL cable from an eBay seller in Australia to experiment with speaker placement—it wasn't expensive (about $50).
One company that sells an aftermarket reasonably priced neutrik cable is Signal Cable. I use one with a REL Strata III and like the result compared to the factory supplied neutrik. Some other sources for the neutrik cable are Synergistic Research and on audiogon a member named Zikhmark.